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To obtain the image files, customers had to send their selfies to Beeline’s chatbot on VKontakte’s social media network
50,000 attendees
at the festival
35,000 photos
shot by the photographers during the event
45,000 user queries
to the VKontakte social media network’s chatbot


In conjunction with the PR agency Hungry Boys, a bot was developed that uses the FindFace smart facial recognition system to capture amazing moments for visitors of Alfa Future People to look back upon. To receive their pictures, the visitor needs to first send a picture of themselves and submit the image to the chatbot via the official Beeline group on VKontakte. It recognized visitors to AFP with high accuracy, searching through millions of snapshots to find those featuring a specific person.

Working in real time, the bot searched for and sent participants unforgettable moments captured by professional photographers at the festival. Participants could relive their favorite moments at Alfa Future People by re-swiping through their favorite shots and sharing them with the whole world on social media. All pictures taken by professional photographers during the AFP 2016 Festival were uploaded to the event’s database. It took the program only a fraction of a second to find pictures of the person it was seeking out of all other photos and send it to them in a message on social media.


Beeline is Russia’s leading Telecom brand offering mobile and landline telephone services, international and intercity communications, data transmission, wireless Internet access, fiber-optic Internet access, Wi-Fi, as well as 3G and 4G networks.


1. To offer facial recognition-based digital entertainment to attendees of the main musical event of the year in Russia for the first time.

2. To provide positive memories of the event by finding and sending pictures taken by professional photographers to all participants through social media.


To introduce facial recognition-based digital entertainment, the company required FindFace’s automatic facial recognition system.

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