liveness sdk

Liveness SDK is a ready-made builder for the rapid development of biometry-enabled applications. It is a kit of libraries and UI components that allows you to embed face recognition user identification with Liveness check into mobile and web applications.

Biometric user authorization is a reliable and convenient method for online services, banking apps and any other case when it is necessary to verify user’s identity.

To protect against fraudulent attempts, for all transactions, the system checks whether there is a live person in front of the camera, and not an image on the screen or a print.

When a user signs up to the app, he or she submits both a selfie and ID photo to compare the images and create a biometric profile. Text recognition on documents, using optical character recognition technology, authenticates documents ensuring watertight verification of the user’s identity.

When a user signs into the app or confirms a transaction, his or her selfie image is checked against his or her biometric profile with a Liveness check. The system recognizes a person even with age-related changes, with or without a mustache and beard, glasses or a mask.