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About deep learning, neural networks and face recognition

Artificial intelligence has gradually begun solving tasks in various spheres, either working alongside a living specialist or replacing them altogether. When it comes to productivity and accuracy, algorithms often outperform humans. Despite this, they do not possess any moral qualities, ethics in particular. This is one of the reasons why the adoption of such technologies has been slow. Since the world is moving towards widespread use of various "smart" machines, we will need to be teach them ethics.

Hardly anyone is surprised anymore by the new solutions that regularly emerge for digitalization in airports. After all, these are places that hundreds of thousands of people pass through every day, so they ought to work like clockwork and be safe. Nonetheless, digitalization in seaports shouldn't be given any less attention: full automatization, widely using BigData, IoT, and many other technologies. One of the components of a "smart" port is video analytics.

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