FindFace Lite is the lightweight video analytics software that provides small and medium enterprises with face and license plate recognition capabilities enabling essential features optimized for Access Control Systems (ACS), Time and Attendance tracking and other common scenarios.

FindFace Lite provides small and medium businesses with an affordable version of NtechLab’s enterprise-level face and license plate recognition technology.

It seamlessly integrates into existing access control systems in a customer’s network. Photo and video input data from cameras and access terminals is analysed to be used for access control. Existing systems are not affected in anyway by integrating with FindFace Lite, rather they are enriched with video analytics data.


Designed for 20, or less, cameras or access terminals
Suitable for organizations with less than 2,000 employees/customers in database
Standalone deployments; one location, one server

Key Benefits

Lightweight neural networks designed for environments with limited computing resources which ensure high accuracy and fast performance. CPU and GPU target assemblies available.
NtechLab neural networks has repeatedly been recognized as the best in the world at the largest and most authoritative testing of NIST FRVT face recognition algorithms. Liveness fraud detection algorithm is iBeta PDA Level 2 certified.
  • Deployment in docker-compose.
  • Simple and intuitive installer.
  • Convenient API, webhooks.
Pricing policy, as well as technical specifications, designed exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Liveness with iBeta PAD Level 2 certification.
  • Headpose. Measurement of head tilt and rotation to prevent unnecessary recognition events on a random face in the viewing frame.
  • Recognition of a face in a medical mask with the same accuracy as without a mask.
  • Definition of the front and rear of the car so barrier does not open if a car is reversing.
Integration with Biosmart and Sanel terminals are available. Integration with Sigur and Parsec access control systems available in March 2023.

Access control scenario

Employee and guest biometric access to any facilities using face identification, integrated with existing access control system. Eliminate fraud methods with cards, codes and other identifiers. Receive images from either IP cameras or access terminals.
  • Liveness — face presentation fraud detection.
  • Prevention of unnecessary events, for instance, when a camera captures the face of a person who is not entering a building. Headpose function measures the tilt and turn of the head and the area that is being monitored, cutting out facial recognition that is not necessary.
  • Monitors presence of medical masks.
  • Integration with common access control systems. The number of access control systems FindFace Lite integrates with is constantly being updated.
  • Integration with biometric access terminals Bismart, Sanel.

Vehicle access control scenario

Vehicle access control for parking spaces and gated territories via license plate recognition.
  • Two recognition options:
    • License plate only.
    • License plate plus vehicle attributes (front / rear of the vehicle, special vehicles such as emergency services and taxis, plate visibility).
  • Prevention of barrier false openings:
    • When a car moves towards a barrier in reverse.
    • When vehicle is captured by exit camera when entering and vice versa.
    • When a vehicle is parked near the barrier.
  • Recognition of special vehicles — emergency vehicles and taxis in accordance with local municipal requirements.
  • Integration with the access control system:
    • Sends an ‘event’ with a plate number in text format or corresponding Wiegand code to the access control server.
    • Sends the Wiegand code directly to the barrier controller (available in Q2 2023).

Time and Attendance scenario

FindFace Lite allows you to track employee arrivals and departures using a web application for the Chrome browser. The feature is available from Q2 2023.
  • Employee self-check in and out by face recognition — simply look at the camera and press a button.
  • ‘Liveness’ face presentation to detect ‘fraudulent’ attempts to subvert access control systems.
  • Export of attendance reports to the accounting or workforce management system.

Watchlist scenario

Lists help you to instantly identify at the entrance either VIP guests who need to be given a special welcome or vice versa unwanted visitors.
When a client from the whitelist* appears in front of the camera, a notification is sent to the person in charge, and an event is saved to a CRM system.

When a guest from the blacklist* appears, an event is sent to the external system responsible for alerting the security service.

When a person without a mask appears in front of the camera, an event is sent to the external system. If a person is in the list of employees, the event captures their image without a mask, ID, and other data.

* Only one list can be created in FindFace Lite
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