Healthy city with
Recognition Technology

What is Healthy City?

Recognition technologies have just recently reached the development stage where they can be applied to our everyday life. It becomes evident that biometrics allow us to do many things that facilitate safety and convenience, and its study will inevitably make this technology dominant when it comes to the use of personal data or public security. But how about bringing it even further?

With our vision of Healthy City we want to raise awareness about key advantages for the existing public safety systems by offering solutions that are able to offset all kinds of negative effects. As the computer vision technologies cover tasks beyond security, it is only natural to implement them to benefit all the social and business spheres.

Intelligent Video Analytics 360˚

The healthy city concept applications

  • Customer base composition insights
  • Effective targeted advertising
  • Customer loyalty increase
  • Risk Management
  • Convenient and instant services
  • Remote banking
  • Crime prevention and investigation
  • Increased public events security
  • Instant response time
  • Visitor flow management
  • Specified marketing
  • Fulfilling tourist experience
  • Traffic management
  • Garbage truck route optimization
  • Access control
  • Convenience for citizens
  • Instant service
  • Contactless payments

Why Choose Findface

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