Rapidly build mobile and web applications with embedded biometric user identification, based on facial recognition, for your organization and your customers

‘Liveness’ is an identity fraud prevention technology for reliable biometric user identification with facial recognition.

NtechLab offers a simple and convenient tool for easy integration of Liveness technology into your mobile applications and client services. Ntech Liveness is a kit of server components installed in the customer’s data center and well-documented use cases that allow you to easily integrate face recognition with Liveness verification into your mobile and web applications.

Important! Applications built with Ntech Liveness require a FindFace Multi server installation accessible via the Internet. Face recognition and Liveness checks take place on the server, not on the device.

Available platforms

Ntech Liveness use cases

How biometric onboarding works


NtechLab neural networks demonstrate compellingly high accuracy and strong performance in comparative video analytics technology tests.
Designed for the convenience of developers and well-documented, the Ntech Liveness library is easy to integrate into the development process. You can start coding immediately.
A team of first-class professionals help you at all stages of using the Ntech Liveness. They advise on all biometric identification issues.

Liveness technology has passed Presentation Attack Detection testing Level 2 at iBeta

The iBeta Quality Assurance Test Lab has tested the Liveness technology in accordance with ISO/IEC 30107−1 and ISO/IEC 30107−3. The tests were carried out with iOS and Android applications and confirmed full compliance of NtechLab technology with the requirements of PAD (Presentation Attack Detection) Level 2.

Liveness technology complies with ISO/IEC 30107−1 and ISO/IEC 30107−3

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