Video analytics
at FIFA 2018

Peer review

«Nothing is able to fool FindFace Multi. A sports fan who had been barred by court order from attending any sporting events tried to enter the fan zone 5 times, seeking to disguise himself with glasses, a hood, and a baseball cap. None of it worked! Another great example is the theft from the fan zone of a sponsor trophy that is awarded to the MVP of each match. Video monitoring allowed the matter to be resolved. We were able to identify the persons responsible and locate their profiles on social media using NtechLab’s facial recognition system. One of the thieves was detected in the fan zone the next day and the trophy was returned!»

Customer representative


Around 500 cameras in multiple cities were connected to the facial recognition system during the 2018 World Cup
2 seconds
to identify a person in a video stream
1.89 million
visitors to the FIFA 2018 fan festival over a 25-day period
accuracy in attendance estimates

Partnership outcome

Around 500 cameras of city surveillance, subway, sports arenas, fan zones and mobile biometric suites were connected to a centralized facial recognition system during the 2018 World Cup games. Recognition of a captured facial image took less than 2 seconds.

This is how FindFace Multi made it possible to recognize and promptly detain nearly 100 individuals listed on wanted persons databases containing 50,000 offender profiles. This included people wanted nationally, extremists, soccer fans (including foreign fans) barred from attending matches, pick-pockets, and individuals under surveillance.

NtechLab also made it possible to conduct a detailed analysis of game attendance. The attendance estimate was 99.4% accurate, while the data contained valuable additional information on the fans’ gender, age, and mood.

By using FindFace Multi, World Cup organizers were able to provide security in public places while boosting the nation’s image at the same time.


The Department of Information Technologies (DIT) is the municipal agency that develops and implements state information technology and communications/telecommunications programs in on of the lergest cities in Eastern Europe.


1. To create and implement a system of video analytics to work with large data sets in order to provide public safety and monitor offenders during the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

2. To generate reliable and accurate statistics on attendees at all World Cup events so as to optimize processes and improve government services.


The approach to meeting these objectives adopted FindFace Multi, a solution created to provide increased security, including in public places.