The Western Railway, one of the busiest railway networks in India, has commissioned 470 video cameras featuring real-time face recognition technology. The video data will be used to shape strategy, for instance, by counting passenger traffic at any given times on the network. It will also be used to identify criminals and search for missing persons.

The system, developed by NtechLab, has been installed at 30 railway stations across the western Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, and including the city of Mumbai. This is the busiest section of the railway network. Cameras will ensure simultaneous recognition of up to 50 people in a single frame.

NtechLab video analytics technology employs high-precision, real-time face recognition mode, in the video stream. Images are compared with a database of wanted individuals. If there is a match, it notifies law enforcement immediately. The entire process, from the appearance of the person in front of a camera to law enforcement receiving a signal, takes less than three seconds. This enables a fast response to situations as they develop.

At the same time NtechLab was certified by the Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO), a technical adviser and consultant to Indian Railways, as an official provider of high quality.

The project was completed jointly with Technosys Security Systems.

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