We are pleased to announce the release of FindFace Multi 1.2, a major update to our flagship product. The new version includes new features to meet our customer needs. This makes our platform an even more effective tool for different usage scenarios in public and business sectors.

Major updates in FindFace Multi 1.2

Video recorder — built-in functionality for recording, storage, and playback of video data from cameras is now available in FindFace Multi UI.

Clicking on an event in the list of events opens a video playback window for the corresponding recording time. A markup of recognized events for faces and cars is displayed on the video recorder’s timeline.

Thanks to the video recorder, our customers and partners can now use FindFace Multi 1.2 as a unified platform containing convenient tools for working with video surveillance data within a single UI.

Cards are an important step forward in structuring data about objects and events recognized by the video analytics system. FindFace Multi automatically creates cards for every newly recognized unique object (person or vehicle). The introduction of cards provides a convenient and logical way to organize data about real world objects and events. It provides rich functionality, including establishing relationships between objects, searching, and much more.

Other updated functionality

Episodes for people and cars. Episodes are now divided into two tabs: episodes for people and cars. Events with human faces and silhouettes of people and events with cars are automatically grouped into episodes (events that most likely belong to the same object are combined). This significantly reduces the amount of information that the user works with.

Areas: webhooks and reports. The “Areas” tool has been further updated in version 1.2. Its functionality now allows you to establish the presence or absence of people in pre-marked areas in the camera’s field of view at predefined times. Updates include reports that enable storage and analysis of the historical data on the presence and absence of people in restricted areas or at their workplace. With webhooks the application triggers an alert when specified conditions are met (for instance, the number of silhouettes at a pre-defined time) enabling an immediate response.

Data export for worktime tracking systems: FindFace Multi 1.2 can now generate Excel reports about the time of entry and exit of each employee and the presence of people in predefined areas at predefined times. Attendance reports can be uploaded to ERP systems for time tracking.

Counters: counting cars. Counters can now count vehicles in the field of view of the cameras. Reports can be uploaded, and webhooks can trigger instant notifications on specified conditions. This feature brings opportunities for building solutions for traffic control, parking management, highways and bus stops.

Counters, distance measurement. The measured distance between people is now graphically displayed in the counters and counter records.

Deduplication in Counters and Areas. Ensures unnecessary re-counting of objects between cameras is avoided. This feature works only in one counter (or one area) and only with multi-camera counters or areas.

New countries added in license plate recognition thanks to the new neural network. Supported countries before 1.2 were Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Ukraine and Vietnam. New supported countries are Brazil, India, and Uzbekistan.

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