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Smart and Safe Port in Vladivostok
The deployment of NtechLab’s multi-object video analytics technology in the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port is intended to provide a unified system to monitor labor and transport safety, based on a shared biometric database.
NtechLab face recognition system adopted by the Indian Western Railway
The system, developed by NtechLab, has been installed at 30 railway stations across the western Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, and including the city of Mumbai. This is the busiest section of the railway network. Cameras will ensure simultaneous recognition of up to 50 people in a single frame.
NtechLab launches FindFace Multi, a multi-object recognition platform that detects faces and bodies of people, as well as cars
NtechLab has released FindFace Multi, a detection technology that uses an advanced algorithm to recognize not only faces, but also bodies of people and cars. This update to its flagship product is a step change for security experts in their fight against crime and also an invaluable tool for commercial planners. Another distinctive feature is its ability to support many video streams and facial database entries, ensuring the system offers unrivalled scalability.


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