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Augmenting Intelligence

NTechLab develops and implements artificial intelligence algorithms. We are a team of experts in machine and deep learning, focused on building software that makes the world a safer and more comfortable place.

FaceN project allows to solve any tasks related to face recognition.
Product & Technology Findface.PRO — The world's most accurate facial recognition technology

NTechLab was founded in 2015 by Artem Kuharenko to create algorithms as intelligent as humans and as efficient as machines. Our team uses the most advanced techniques in the field of artificial neural networks and machine learning to develop smart and innovative software products.

A face recognition system already developed by our lab, has proved to be among the most accurate ones throughout the world. As tests have shown, it surpasses a human capability to identify faces.

We aim to offer intelligent solutions to our customers, so that their challenges are solved in a fundamentally new and efficient way.

In recent years artificial neural networks (ANN) have emereged as a mature and viable framework with many applications in various areas.
R. M. Hristev,
"Artifical Neural Networks"
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