Time Tracking
in the Construction Industry


«There is a misconception that piece-rate pay doesn’t require time tracking. That’s not true. For us, it was necessary to create not only an efficient but also an easy accounting system. This is why we implemented recognition algorithms. The solution from NtechLab has proven to be a reliable and easy-to-use tool for proper workflow management.»

Dmitry Arzhevsky
CEO of Aventin Engineering


FindFace Security is defined by the highest efficiency in all environments
20 sites
controlled at a time
400 workers
clocking in daily by face
Less than 1 second
for the time accounting procedure


Tracking working time at multiple different construction sites is a complex task due to a number of intrinsic factors. Firstly, high staff turnover makes standard accounting methods (such as electronic cards) cumbersome and inconvenient for both employees and employers. In addition, it is difficult to collect statistical data for planning and developing business strategies.

Facial recognition serves as an impartial supervisor. The control system becomes a key factor in establishing order where corporate ethics and culture are difficult to maintain. In addition, biometric timekeeping allows foremen to do less micromanagement and focus on executing the work plan.


Aventin Engineering is a company that provides large and medium-sized construction projects with various utility systems. Thanks to a wide range of unconventional approaches and technologies, the company has become one of the largest players in the market of construction contracting services.


1. Ability to collect statistical data from construction sites for analysis and further development.
2. Setting up management mechanisms.


Using the FindFace API, facial recognition algorithms were implemented into the work and time tracking system. The system’s cloud-based architecture allows foremen to distribute work orders and conduct inspections at the end of shifts without wasting time, and face-based worker authorization eliminates errors in payroll calculations.

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