Retailers all over the world agree that the most valuable insights are the ones providing information on customer behavior and habits, and these are usually the hardest to get. With the joint effort of NtechLab and MasterTek, this data will elude the grasp of retailers no more!

Meet Countbuddy, an advanced visitor analytics solution based on NtechLab’s cutting-edge facial recognition algorithms that allows you to get detailed reports on your customer base’s age and gender composition in real time.

The project in numbers

With instant and accurate facial recognition, the customer analytics solution demonstrates exceptional performance in any environment
30 stores
use Countbuddy as an effective marketing tool
Less than 1 second
to determine the visitor’s age and gender
95% accurate
statistics excluding repeat visitors and staff

Partnership outcome

MasterTek utilizes NtechLab’s face recognition algorithms as a cornerstone part of an automated visitor counting software, Countbuddy. It provides a great deal of help to retailers by enabling them to peek into the realm of Dark Data which affects the store performance at any given time. Taking informed marketing actions has never been so easy.

By determining the age and gender of the visitors, Countbuddy is able to create several kinds of statistical reports that drastically change the way retailers view their customers. It has become possible to conduct sales analysis on the spot every single week, day, or hour. The solution is fully GDPR compliant, which makes it perfect for use virtually anywhere.


MasterTek is a Turkish-based software developer focusing on delivering service enhancing solutions for retail.


To implement precise facial recognition algorithms into the visitor analytics system that would help retailers to better understand customers’ needs as well as enable them to make well-informed marketing decisions.


Countbuddy uses on-site surveillance cameras to count visitors and create exhaustive reports on their activity. By detecting the unique facial features of each visitor, NtechLab’s recognition algorithms determine age, gender, and automatically exclude employees or repeat visitors for the most precise statistics possible.