«Since November 2016, the Bitrix24 developers were seeking the most efficient application scenarios for our facial recognition technologies. We wanted to find the best possible solutions for mass application. NtechLab’s Face Tracker and Face Discount enable us to provide small- and medium-size businesses with truly revolutionary and affordable solutions capable of reducing the burden of repetitive tasks to streamline operations and increase efficiency».

Sergey Ryzhikov - co-founder of the Bitrix24 service
Sergey Ryzhikov
Bitrix24 Co-Founder


The program automatically recognizes and counts store or office visitors
facial recognition application scenarios were deployed
14 days
it took to integrate all of the scenarios
shopping is the key principle of Bitrix24’s customer policy


NtechLab’s facial recognition has been deployed in 3 different scenarios:

FACE TRACKER. The program automatically recognizes and counts visitors in a retail store or office. The software also counts new and repeat visitors. All data is stored in the customer’s CRM account. There, you can find each client’s purchase history. This history can be used to personalize offerings. The probability of purchase increases.
VISIT TRACKER. A tool for offline customer events, such as meetings, consultations, negotiations, etc. After a face is recognized, the CRM system informs the manager of the client’s purchase history.

FACE CARD. A tool for introducing a loyalty program The software automatically recognizes a face in the POS area and activates a personal discount, even if the customer does not have an actual discount card. The software is also capable of searching for the client’s profile on social media based on his/her image. Another application for the face tracker is facial recognition-based time and attendance accounting. Employees appear at the reception desk where a camera is installed. The software identifies the employee and records the time of his/her arrival or departure time. The technology powers up effortless and accurate time and attendance accounting.


Bitrix24 is a one-stop shop solution
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1. To create new business tools to boost sales through personalized deals.

2. To receive instant notifications from the CRM system about a customer’s arrival and other timely updates.

3. To improve the functionality of customer loyalty programs.

4. To create a tool for time and attendance accounting and monitoring.


Bitrix24 has used NtechLab’s face recognition to develop new tools. The technology has been integrated into the software through the FindFace Cloud API.

14 days is how long it took to integrate.

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