Public security system
in Almetyevsk

As a part of a pilot project in Almetyevsk (Tatarstan), cameras at
the entrances of residential buildings and daycare centers were
connected to the FindFace system.

With NtechLab technology, the authorities of Almetyevsk managed to organize regular investigation work with video data from access surveillance cameras on residential buildings.
350 people in the database
The database contains 350 photos: real wanted persons, and extras — members of the control group, and 300 photos of celebrities to complicate the experiment.
84% accuracy
The system reliably detected and identified more than 84% of test’s extras with face/head coverings on (dark glasses, hats, hoods, scarves).
5 second search time
Time between the actual appearance of a person in front of the camera and the notification was no more than 5 seconds.
99.9% reliability
The false positive rate in 35 000 passes recorded by cameras was less than 0.1%, with 350 people on the monitoring list.

The success of the project and its rapid deployment made
Security Council of the Republic of Tatarstan approve the project
deployment throughout Almetyevsk with subsequent scaling to
the entire territory of Tatarstan.