The Kemerovo Project:
Small-scale effectiveness

Client review

«As an experiment, a number of Kemerovo stores have been equipped with facial recognition cameras, which scanned the crowd flow for unwanted customers. The image of one of the store’s visitors matched with the face of a person wanted on suspicion of robbery. The police was promptly notified, the suspect was detained and eventually, he confessed.»

Roman Zhavoronkov
CEO of Good Line

The project in numbers

The Kemerovo experiment was effective from the first days even with a limited number of cameras
5 convenience stores
took part in the experiment
4 days
before the first robbery suspect detainment
<0,5 seconds
to perforfm the database search

Partnership outcome

The Kemerovo test project has been a success, confirming the efficiency of the NtechLab’s algorithm not only at sites with hundreds of thousands of cameras, but also for local security tasks within the Digital City project.

Several convenience stores have been equipped with cameras connected to the FindFace facial recognition system, and on the 4th day of the experiment the program matched a person in the video stream and a photo of a robbery suspect. Police officers received a notification and arrested the suspect. The detainee subsequently made a confession.


Good Line is the digital market leader of Kuzbass, it provides the infrastructure for intelligent video surveillance systems.


To implement the FindFace facial recognition system in Kemerovo’s convenience stores for tracking unscrupulous customers within the Digital City project.


FindFace Security allows for real-time face recognition in the video stream with high precision. It compares the results with the databases of wanted people, and immediately sends alerts to the police upon a match. The entire process, from the actual appearance of a person in front of a camera to a signal, takes no more than two seconds ensuring instant reaction to any situation.