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with biometric technologies


«In collaboration with NtechLab, we were able to implement an innovative cloud-based employee time tracking product based on face recognition technology. With high speed, efficiency and optimization of NtechLab’s algorithms, FaceTrack has gained a number of competitive advantages that only confirmed our belief in the choice of the technological partner.»

Fedorov Borlas
Igor Fedorov
Head of the service development department at Borlas Group


Automatic time tracking with cloud solutions can significantly improve overall business efficiency at a lower cost.
reduction of losses due to delays and erroneous accounting
more transparent personnel work and better discipline
reduction of the administrative staff load


FaceTrack is a cloud-based service for automating employee time tracking with integrated NtechLab algorithms that are responsible for instant face recognition. FaceTrack allows you to get accurate and objective information on actual arrival/exit times, delays and absences of employees.

With the ease of integration and extensive scalability, NtechLab’s algorithms are best suited for cloud-based projects and offer a number of advantages over competition. Recognition and database and search take less than 1 second, regardless of how many cameras connected and faces stored in the database.


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