NtechLab, one of the world leaders in biometric technologies announced today technology integration with Genetec Inc (Genetec)., a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions. The integration allows Genetec customers to have access to the advanced facial recognition capabilities of NtechLabs' award-winning FindFace algorithm directly from within the Genetec unified platform, Security Center. NtechLab’s FindFace integration with Genetec™ Security Center delivers an increased level of security and comfort for any organization. By turning video streams gathered by Genetec™ Security Center into valuable insights with the use of AI-driven facial recognition, FindFace creates greater situational awareness and increases the efficiency of control operations. FindFace’s features can identify persons of interest against a database of several million photos in less than a second, delivering accurate results regardless of the quality of the video stream provided, dimmed lighting, positioning of the head and body, presence of foreign objects in a frame or altered exterior of the person in question. The algorithm recognizes faces with high accuracy and provides the ability to simultaneously analyze video streams from up to a hundred thousand cameras. «We are pleased our customers can benefit from a biometric solution with a highly-ranked face recognition engine. This integration gives them the ability to detect a person from a user-defined watch list, enriching security analytics,» said Jordan Jaumeau, Director of Development Partnerships, Genetec Inc. By providing real-time instant alerts for unwanted individuals or VIP guests, companies can ensure the provision of greater hospitality to their clients, as well as prevent reputational losses, conflicts and crime. «We are thrilled to announce our integration with Genetec — one of the leading developers of IP based physical security solutions. NtechLabs' biometric solutions, based on our FindFace algorithm, are already in use in one of the largest cities and abroad in the field of public safety. Our integration with Genetec will allow businesses all over the world to experience the benefits of accurate facial recognition to improve commercial performance as well as ensure the safety of public and private spaces,» said NtechLab CEO, Alexander Minin. NtechLab is the world’s recognized expert in face recognition technologies driven by artificial intelligence and neural networks. Dozens of engineers work on the development of our unique products. The integration of FindFace products into city-wide CCTV networks provides a high level of security and comfort for citizens. FindFace products ensure high speed and face recognition accuracy on huge datasets (containing more than 1.5 billion images). The quality of our technology is confirmed by our partners, customers and research centers from all over the world including NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA) and IARPA (the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, USA). © 2019 Genetec™ is a trademark of Genetec Inc. and may be registered or pending registration in several jurisdictions.