The Healthy City Concept

As you know, foreseeing the future is a task yet to be fulfilled by the machine learning community and as its part, NtechLab is always eager to share some insights regarding the most promising technologies for that. This time, we‘ve applied all our knowledge and cutting-edge AI expertise to come up with a vision of the city of tomorrow — Healthy City.

What is Healthy City exactly? The concept is in many ways similar to Safe City but at the same time possesses some distinct features that make it different. Healthy City implies that each citizen is protected from all sorts of negative aspects coming with city life while enjoying enhanced services with the help of the same safety-ensuring systems. According to our experience, current computer vision technologies are perfectly capable of doing both.

The recognition algorithms that underlie our solutions have proven to be highly effective in seeing what humans can’t see and providing far greater speed and consistency when it comes to working with massive volumes of data. Therefore, we believe that equipping the city in its entirety with all-seeing surveillance systems might be the way to a brighter future. Healthy City can be achieved with the right technology doing the right thing, and multi-level recognition is one of the few applicable today.

This technology allows us to create optimized recognition solutions available both to the government and to all sorts of businesses, which makes it perfect for establishing a city-wide network consisting of a vast amount of synchronized nodes. Surveillance used by even the smallest of businesses is capable of fulfilling the government’s tasks on the side, and that is what makes our universal system so beneficial for urban life in general.

The Healthy City type of surveillance benefits such spheres as education, banking, social services, retail, tourism and just about every other area factoring in the citizens' lives. The data obtained from this network can be used for preventing fraud, managing various risks, increasing marketing efficiency as well as establishing an urban environment of the utmost security.

If you would like to learn about Healthy City in detail, feel free to visit our white paper page where we delve into the recognition prospects and attempt to outline the future of urban life by reviewing current technology capabilities and real-life use cases.