TOP 5 by NtechLab

Our specialization — face recognition — is in demand in different areas, so we are aware of either trends or fiasco. Today we have prepared a selection of the latest ones in the entertainment industry: these are large-scale events, private parties, as well as exhibitions, movie theaters, casinos, shopping centers, water amusement parks etc. We are delighted to share this information with you!


Queues longer than 3 minutes;

Visitors in the pose «staying outside with your head in the window»;

Rewriting passport data while a guest is waiting;

«Hey, man / woman!» address;

No sending photos from the event.

How to organize registration, seating and entertainment of guests in a technological, beautiful and efficient way as well as to provide an instant search for photos of participants? Obtain the crucially important information from our real-life cases.

At the profile event of the digital industry CIPR, facial biometrics is used to provide all credentialed guests with an access to the exhibition with no waiting in line, quick registration and search for the taken photos. For the 2nd year in a row, it’s enough to go to the touch panel at the registration desk, and the system instantly identifies a person by face, presenting information about the participant on the screen. Afterwards, the service will offer the guest to press a button for printing a badge. Besides, the exhibition visitors will instantly find all their photos taken during the event in a digital photobank.

One of the first customers of NtechLab is Australian Amusement Park. The visitors are being photographed while experiencing vivid emotions on the rides, and then offered to buy photos. For this, the employee used to look for photographs among thousands of the same sort, and clients had to spend half an hour just standing nearby. Everything has become much easier after creating a special mobile application that includes the FindFace algorithm. At the entrance each visitor takes a selfie, and receives onto his smartphone all the photos he got into while being in the park.

Here is another example. Out of a million photos stored in the database of the Alfa Future People festival of electronic music and technologies, a chat bot, using the FindFace face recognition algorithm and having accepted a request, forwarded the necessary photos to the participants on a real-time basis. The bot was working in the official group of Vkontakte, the partner of the festival, the Beeline Company, and was sending the pictures after the user had delivered a request with his\her attached image.

The experience of cooperation with a waterpark in Nortern Europe showed that the technology can be used for face recognition in particularly difficult conditions: in splashing water, sun glare, on the move, and also for recognizing children’s faces with high accuracy, which is much more difficult to fulfill in comparison with working with adults.

In all such cases, the application of the algorithm pays off quickly enough, but a remarkably large amount in a short time the product can save for a casino. The technology is used both to protect against cheaters and to develop loyalty programs for customers. Employees of NtechLab have implemented the development in the security system of one Russian casino, which claimed remaining anonymous, although the ordering customer is very pleased with the result of cooperation.

All over world the face recognition is actively used at mass events of the Super Bowl level to prevent blacklisted fans from entering the stadium, as well as to provide a special V.I.P. service to spectators.

Technology is no less demanded at prominent industry conferences, seminars or trainings. For example, the three-day congress of real estate professionals hosts over 1000 professionals. They need to be promptly registered, provided with printed badges and accommodation information. For automatic registration there are installed some kiosks equipped with webcams. The program automatically recognizes the guest, analyzing the video stream, compares his\her face with photos from a guest list. A personal greeting is displayed on the screen before the person has time to reach the telephone or enter the first name. Some party and exhibition organizers have a practice of treating guests with their favorite beverages. The question about your favorite drink appears in the online visitor’s profile. Then this information is displayed to the barista, when the guest enters the field of camera view inside the room.

In Russia, many of these tools were implemented. We can be especially proud of cases at mass events, such as the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, where the technology showed its best. The ability to process a video stream from a huge number of cameras and work with databases of a planetary scale is a significant competitive advantage of our algorithm.

In the future there are new exciting cases based on the recognition of emotions, as well as with the use of personalized content. And what other options for the employment of face recognition in the entertainment industry do you consider possible?