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NtechLab و FindFace
في وسائل العلام

نحن نصنع الحلول التي تسمح برؤية الناس. غير محسوس وسريع ودقيق ، قادر على تحديد هوية شخص بين حشد من الآلاف في جزء من الثانية ، والتعرف على العميل حتى قبل دخوله المتجر ، أو توفير صعود مريح على متن طائرة دون تقديم المستندات. نتعامل مع البيانات البيومترية بعناية ، ولا نخزنها أو ننقلها ، حيث نعمل حصريًا من خلال البنية التحتية لعملائنا.


Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman is throwing a rave party that will give a whole new meaning to the nightclub practice of face control. His Alfa Future People electronic-music festival, which drew more than 40,000 people last year, will be Russia’s first to use recognition software to identify partygoers and automatically send them snaps of their revelry — if they agree.

Digital Trends

Whether it’s facial recognition on Apple’s iOS 10 or Facebook learning to recognize human faces virtually as well as another person, there’s no doubting that facial recognition technology is big business right now. But while both of those companies have massive, multi-billion dollar budgets behind them, a small Moscow-based artificial intelligence startup named NtechLab may have stumbled upon one of the best facial recognition systems around.

The Washington Post

In «The Dark Knight,» the seminal reboot of the «Batman» cinematic franchise, the Caped Crusader is able to locate any of Gotham’s denizens on a whim, by hijacking the microphones and cameras on their cellphones. FindFace, the identification app created by Alexander Kabakov, 29, and Artem Kukharenko, 26, is not quite as powerful as Christopher Nolan’s Orwellian nightmare tool. But the Russian developers say their facial recognition software could be used by authorities to fight crime — and, just as easily, score dates with attractive strangers.

Biometric Update

Russian startup NtechLab recently became a leader in the MegaFace challenge in face recognition algorithms at the University of Washington. NtechLab uses advanced techniques in the field of artificial neural networks and machine learning to develop its software products. The company’s facial recognition algorithm extracts the characteristic features of a person’s face from a picture.

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