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NtechLab و FindFace
في وسائل العلام

نحن نصنع الحلول التي تسمح برؤية الناس. غير محسوس وسريع ودقيق ، قادر على تحديد هوية شخص بين حشد من الآلاف في جزء من الثانية ، والتعرف على العميل حتى قبل دخوله المتجر ، أو توفير صعود مريح على متن طائرة دون تقديم المستندات. نتعامل مع البيانات البيومترية بعناية ، ولا نخزنها أو ننقلها ، حيث نعمل حصريًا من خلال البنية التحتية لعملائنا.

The Verge

Moscow’s local government has formally announced the deployment of facial recognition technology on a «city-wide» network of CCTV cameras. The system has been undergoing tests for close to a year, but the city’s Department of Information Technology today revealed new details of the project, including its licensing agreement with Russian startup NtechLab for the facial recognition software itself.

FindFace started as a futuristic social technology for identifying strangers by scanning their faces with a smartphone camera. Two years later, the facial recognition technology is the best in the world (yep, even better than Google’s) and is being used for public safety, law enforcement and fraud prevention through cybersecurity. Of course, facial recognition has driven significant public controversy over the erosion of personal privacy and anonymity. People also worry that their personal biometric data could be stolen and used for nefarious purposes.

Daily Mail

New emotion reading technology claims to stop agitated criminals and potential terrorists on the street before they act. A Russian firm has created software that can be embedded in CCTV cameras to track the age, gender, emotional state and identity of people and keep track of suspicious behaviour. If someone is feeling particularly stressed or angry the algorithms will flag it up with authorities who could intervene before anything happens. The company claims it can track the emotional state of a person from CCTV with more than 94 per cent accuracy.

The Telegraph

Emotion reading technology could soon be used by police after a Russian firm created a tool that can identify people in a crowd and tell if they are angry, stressed or nervous. The software, created by NtechLab, can monitor citizens for suspicious behaviour by tracking identity, age, gender and current emotional state. It could be used to pre-emptively stop criminals and potential terrorists. “The recognition gives a new level of security in the street because in a couple of seconds you can identify terrorists or criminals or killers,” said Alexander Kabakov, NtechLab chief executive.

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