«The Netris video surveillance platforms with NtechLab analytics are expected to develop significantly in 2020 — 2022 in cities with populations of 100 thousand or more. Tyumen Region’s video surveillance platform is the most geographically distributed video surveillance system in the Russian Federation. It includes cameras in different cities and towns of the entire Tyumen Region. The introduction of the facial recognition system for hundreds of video streams will significantly increase the level of safety and comfort of life for citizens in the region which is becoming a digitalization leader in Siberia.».

Alexander Dolgikh
CEO of Netris


The joint project of NtechLab and Netris in Tyumen increased the level of safety and made the region a center of modern technology development.
250 video streams
from city CCTV cameras in Tyumen analyzed by FindFace
less than 2 seconds
is required to recognize a face in the video stream and notify law enforcement
5 major Russian regions
use Netris-based video surveillance systems


Netris, a member of Rostelecom Group, developer of Russia’s largest video surveillance projects for Smart Cities, and NtechLab, one of the world’s leaders in biometric technology, have signed a strategic partnership agreement.

250 cameras in Tyumen city surveillance have already been equipped with FindFace technology. The introduction of the joint innovative solution makes Tyumen one of the leading regions in the latest digital technologies implementation for public safety creating a favourable environment for citizens.


Netris is a Russian-based manufacturer of software solutions for video surveillance, a subsidiary of PJSC Rostelecom. The company focuses its operation on major cities and regions of Russia.

As the core of smart cities, the Netris platform allows to connect an unlimited number of cameras to the system, record video streams, control the position of cameras and additional functionality.

A distinctive feature of Netris is the ability to simultaneously link various video analytics algorithms to it, including face recognition. The Netris solution enables the development of Smart Cities in all three main directions: safety, manageability and comfort.


1. To Integrate the best facial recognition and video analytics system into the Netris platform.

2. To provide convenient access to the functionality in the interface for users of Netris video surveillance systems in Tyumen.

3. To find a strategic partner in facial recognition for further scalability of the solution in different regions of Russia.


NtechLab’s technology was chosen to provide fast and accurate face recognition. The FindFace system proved its worth in cooperation with DIT Moscow and after successful implementation at the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Moscow.

FindFace Security was implemented in the user interface of Netris video surveillance platform as the most suitable solution for Smart City system implementation, which has been successfully field tested.

Face recognition is available to authorized users of the Tyumen region video surveillance system connecting cameras at city infrastructure facilities, intersections and crowded areas.

The main customer of video analytics is the region’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, but in the future it is possible to connect additional functionality for other departments.
Platform users with the appropriate level of access can search through the video archive, create watch lists and face galleries, index videos, and set up instant match notifications on their mobile phones.