Dhaka-based Ribat Metatech partners with Russia’s NtechLab to jointly promote facial recognition software in Bangladesh

Dhaka, April 26. — NtechLab, one of the global leaders in the field of facial recognition, announced on Thursday a partnership with Bangladeshi software company Ribat Metatech to offer facial recognition software for security services and commercial clients in Bangladesh. The move is significant in that NtechLab is the first major Russian software developer to tap into Bangladeshi market.

Facial recognition technology empowers governments and security services to act with greater speed and confidence. It employs high-precision, real-time face recognition mode in video streams. Images are compared with a database of wanted individuals. If there is a match, the platform notifies law enforcement immediately. The entire process, from the appearance of a person in front of a camera to law enforcement receiving a signal, takes only seconds. This enables a fast response to situations as they develop.

The technology can also provide commercial companies, such as retail stores, exhibition halls and trade centers with richer audience analytics on visitor numbers, including segmentation based on gender and age, the average length of visit time and whether attendees are new or regular visitors. Another application of the technology is facial recognition for access control and attendance management systems.

Sarwar Golam, Managing Director at Ribat Metatech, said: «Partnership with NtechLab will contribute to the further development of artificial intelligence systems and skilled manpower in Bangladesh. The company’s facial recognition technology is one of the most accurate and fastest in the world, so we are sure that there will be huge interest in such systems both from the government and commercial clients.»

Pavel Borisov, Head of Business Development & Sales in South Asia at NtechLab, added: «Bangladesh is a reliable friend and partner of Russia in many fields, so we are happy to become a pioneer in the field of innovations and technology cooperation between our countries. We hope that Russia and Bangladesh open another successful page of bilateral cooperation today, and more Russian startups will join us here.»

In August, The Western Railway, one of the busiest railway networks in India, commissioned 470 video cameras featuring NtechLab real-time face recognition technology. The system is used to shape strategy, for instance, by counting passenger traffic at any given times on the network. It is also used to identify criminals and search for missing persons.

In September, NtechLab was chosen as the technology partner of the Russian pavilion at Expo 2020, which runs for six months from October 2021 to March 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. NtechLab’s system allows Russian pavilion to collect analytics on visitor numbers, including segmentation based on gender and age, as well as calculating the average length of visit time and whether attendees are new or regular visitors.

About Ribat Metatech

Ribat Metatech was established in 2002. It provides software development and computer systems integration services.

The company currently operates in Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates.

One of the main products in the Ribat Metatech portfolio are self-service kiosks alongside other applications for the retail industry. The company also offers different applications based on artificial intelligence and internet of things to add value to traditional businesses that are introducing innovation into their operations.

About NtechLab

NtechLab was established in 2015. Based on its geographical footprint, it is one of the largest facial recognition systems providers in the world. It currently operates in 23 countries across Middle East and North Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Europe, including Azerbaijan, India, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. More than 400,000 cameras globally are connected to NtechLab’s facial recognition software.

Last year, following a $ 15 million investment from an international consortium of sovereign wealth funds, including those from the Middle East, the company has announced the opening of its Gulf representative office in Abu Dhabi.

In 2021, NtechLab topped the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) undertaken by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the US Department of Commerce.


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