NtechLab & FindFace
in the media

Homeland Security

NtechLab has released FindFace Multi, a detection technology that uses an advanced algorithm to recognize not only faces, but also bodies of people and cars. This update to its flagship product is a step change for security experts in their fight against crime and also an invaluable tool for commercial planners. Another distinctive feature is its ability to support many video streams and facial database entries, ensuring the system offers unrivalled scalability.


NtechLab announces the opening of local offices in two cities in the United Arab Emirates. In the UAE the company will be focusing on public sector, projects for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, banking sector and services for shopping malls and retail chains. The presence in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is expected to help NtechLab take up a significant share of the computer vision market in the UAE.

Biometric Update

NtechLab is trumpeting its success in the recent Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in which the company’s facial recognition algorithm was found to have the highest biometric matching accuracy ever in three different categories of the 1:1 Verification benchmark. The algorithm from NtechLab scored the lowest error rate in the Visa Photos, Visa Border and Border Photos categories, and second for the Mugshot Photos database. The company says it has also tested in the top three for efficiency in identifying people wearing masks.

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