Anonymized visitor analytics
at the Moscow oceanarium


«The system created for us by NtechLab contributes to a higher level of comfort in serving our guests. Thanks to the use of modern computer vision technologies we learn more about our target audience, which helps us to create targeted marketing offers and improve customer experience».

Varvara Shchur
Head of Marketing at the Moskvarium


Recognition algorithms are far more efficient than the human eye and they never miss the slightest detail
Over 90%
recognition accuracy
24 cameras
equipped with FindFace Security software
Less than 1 second
required for face and silhouette detection


The Moskvarium implemented a face and silhouette recognition system based on the FindFace Security solution. For instance, silhouette recognition determines how often families with children and adults visit the center, and which areas of the complex are the most visited. This allows for better recognition of visitors and the generation of relevant offers.

Since the Moskvarium building includes, in addition to the oceanarium space itself, a fairly extensive free-access and relaxation area, it was important for the management to understand what percentage of guests purchase tickets and pass on. Facial and silhouette recognition made it possible to analyze visitors anonymously to make informed marketing decisions.


The Moskvarium is a center for oceanography and marine biology, one of the largest oceanariums in Europe, located on the VDNH territory. Since its opening in 2015, the center has been one of the most popular places for family recreation and events.


To implement a biometric system that collects statistics on visitors in real time, identifying age groups, gender, and capable of counting unique visits.


FindFace Security is a comprehensive solution with a set of features required for error-free face and silhouette recognition, as well as collection of statistical data, including gender and age of visitors. Fast and accurate algorithms can identify the person in the frame as well as their gender and age in fractions of a second.

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