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NtechLab & FindFace
in the media

Russia Beyond

NtechLab, a Russian software developer of neural networks and machine learning, created an emotion recognition algorithm that can detect emotions by analyzing your face. According to the startup, the solution can be adapted to different markets and industries, including media and entertainment — for example, to test a new advertisement to learn what kind of reaction it caused in focus groups.

Defence One

This year, Moscow will join a growing number of global cities whose populations are monitored by AI-enabled facial recognition programs. Now Russia’s artificial-intelligence development companies will vie for the chance to have their programs run the show. Among the top contenders for the job is NtechLab, an AI startup whose FindFace face recognition technology won IARPA’s Face Recognition Challenge Prize in 2017. The following year, it was deployed for the World Cup, and supposedly uncovered property theft and prevented other crimes.

NtechLab, one of the world leaders in biometric technologies announced today technology integration with Genetec Inc (Genetec)., a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions. The integration allows Genetec customers to have access to the advanced facial recognition capabilities of NtechLabs' award-winning FindFace algorithm directly from within the Genetec unified platform, Security Center.

Biometric Update

NtechLab announced today a new integration partnership that will enable Genetec Security Center users to have access to NtechLab’s FindFace facial recognition algorithm. FindFace Security creates greater situational awareness and increases the efficiency of control operations by turning video streams gathered by Genetec surveillance technologies into valuable insights with the use of AI-driven face recognition.

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